Break the Cycle works hard to provide advocates against dating violence with the necessary tools and resources to create effective change for youth.

Advocates are on the front line of the movement to end domestic and dating violence. You may be:

  • An experienced domestic violence professional ready to apply your expertise to youth.
  • An adult who works with youth.
  • A person who is working to increase teen’s rights.
  • Someone who wants to learn more about dating violence.
  • A new supporter.
  • A young person looking to become a voice against violence in your school or college campus.

Regardless, you are a key ally in the movement to end dating violence. You can impact the institutions around you just by speaking up. Say loudly that you won’t allow our leaders to ignore dating abuse. Don’t let it be overlooked in the courthouse, capitol building or principal’s office. Start there and then follow up with these policy strategies to make lasting change.