About HOPE

HOPE brings change. HOPE mobilizes activists. HOPE raises awareness.

Become a member of Break the Cycle’s HOPE and you will help shape the movement to end dating violence.

Break the Cycle is making great strides influencing laws and policies to better protect young people in every state. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

What Is Break the Cycle’s HOPE?

HOPE is a national membership program for people who want to speak out against teen dating violence. By joining HOPE, you become part of an effort to ensure young people have the rights they need to maintain safe and healthy relationships.

HOPE brings together people who feel strongly about dating abuse, making their voices heard through collective measures of promoting awareness. Break the Cycle provides members the necessary tools to make a difference wherever they live.

What Do HOPE Members Do?

With support from Break the Cycle, HOPE members:

  • Call on elected officials and media to address dating violence responsibly.
  • Raise awareness about the dangers of dating abuse.
  • Introduce schools to [Ending Violence], Break the Cycle’s innovative classroom prevention program.
  • Involve friends, family and community members in the movement to end abuse by hosting awareness-building, friend-raising events.