Love is not abuse.

Intimate partner violence has no place in a loving relationship. Learn how to create connections built on respect, trust, and mutual desire and intention.


1 in 4 women

will experience intimate partner violence

1 in 7 men

will experience intimate partner violence

47,000 deaths

per year due to intimate partner violence

$55B per year

in government expenditure on intimate partner violence

The information you need for the relationship you deserve.

At the heart of every strong community is the foundation of healthy, respectful relationships. At Break The Cycle, we’re dedicated to providing you with essential information to identify, prevent, and intervene in domestic violence situations – both in your life and the lives of others.

We offer detailed insights into the patterns of abusive behavior, practical advice for those experiencing or witnessing domestic violence, and resources for long-term support and recovery. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or looking to support a loved one, our comprehensive guides are designed to empower you towards safer and healthier relationships, because everyone deserves a healthy relationship.

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Understanding Domestic Violence

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Resources for Survivors

Safety Planning

Legal Rights and Protections

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    There are three key avenues you can use to empower yourself and ensure you don’t just become another grim statistic in the battle against intimate partner violence.

    Know your Rights

    Educate yourself in the laws and legislation designed to protect you from the ill intentions of those you’re supposed to be able to trust the most.

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    Build your Community

    Isolation is one of the key tactics used by the perpetrators of domestic violence. Join our online community to find the support and strength you need.

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    Attend Events

    We run events designed to support victims and educate potential perpetrators on the laws, supports, and opportunities to change their life situations. Find one in your neighbourhood today.

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    This fight won’t end without our support, commitment, and determination.

    Our Mission

    This is our goal

    Our goal is to break the cycle of domestic violence by empowering survivors, educating communities, and advocating for systemic change.

    To achieve this goal, we will:

    Work with legislators and councils to expand shelter services

    Train volunteers to identify and support victims in time of need

    Increase education and awareness of unhealthy relationship patterns

    Develop partnerships with major corporations to fund support services

    Join our community and help end intimate partner violence

    If you would like to contribute to ending the pain and suffering caused by intimate partner violence, please join our volunteer community.


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