Youth Presentations

Break the Cycle delivers life-saving information on dating violence to young people in classrooms and youth organizations nationwide. Teens and 20-somethings who participate in our programs activate their voice, building the next generation of peer leaders and advocates.

Nationwide Youth Leadership Trainings

Break the Cycle's experts are available to provide youth leadership programs, service organizations and youth summits with training and guidance on school advocacy, peer leadership, changing laws and bystander intervention. 

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In Los Angeles and the District of Columbia

Our trained educators and college-aged mentors conduct presentations, assemblies and longer-term residencies throughout Los Angeles County and the District of Columbia. In these two regions alone, Break the Cycle has educated more than 250,000 youth. Your class should be next!

Respect WORKS! Residency

Break the Cycle implements the Respect WORKS! program in long-term residencies with LA- and DC-area campuses. Our trained educators and mentors visit schools for up to twelve weeks, educating young people in 9th and 11th grades using [Ending Violence] and Hazelden Publishing's Safe Dates, followed by our Speak.Act.Change peer leadership kit.

The result? A positive impact on youth development that is peer lead and adult supported, aka the essential ingredients needed to create healthy communities and relationships.

We currently implement the residency program at select Green Dot Public Charter and Los Angeles Unified School District schools. In addition, we guide schools, youth groups and service providers in how to implement the program independently in their area.

In-person Presentations in LA & DC

Break the Cycle conducts in-person presentations and assemblies throughout Los Angeles County and the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area for schools, youth groups, teen agencies, juvenile justice programs and other diverse audiences. These one to three day presentations, group discussions or assemblies guide youth on the basics of dating abuse, digital abuse, their legal rights and how to create healthy relationships. We are available to implement classroom presentations for groups of 5-35, assemblies up to 100 or other groups meetings as needed.

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To request a presentation or Respect WORKS! residency, contact Break the Cycle's youth programs department.

Our Educators

In addition to our trained experts with more than 15 years of classroom and youth development experience, Break the Cycle activates the leadership and advocacy of local college students and recent graduates as part of our mentor advocacy program. Following extensive training, our mentor advocates visit classrooms and youth groups to guide youth in discussions about healthy relationships, the warning signs of abuse and what to do if you're experiencing abuse.