Who We Are

Break the Cycle Staff

Ashley Badgley is the Program Coordinator for Training & Technical Assistance at Break the Cycle. She works to help and support organizations nationwide in their efforts to provide direct services to those experiencing dating abuse. Ashley believes we all deserve a life free of violence and full of healthy relationships. She thinks fully-embraced and celebrated equality and diversity are fundamental and essential. Ashley would like to go to Antarctica before so much of it is gone. She would like the power to blink her eyes and make cake appear.


Jasmine Ceja is the National Youth Organizing Manager at Break the Cycle, overseeing and implementing all programs related to youth engagement and outreach. This includes curricula maintenance, peer education program development and national expansion, cultivating collaborative relationships to further the reach of these programs and managing the National Youth Advisory Board, as well as representing loveisrespect among networks of local, state and national partners. Jasmine’s goal is to end the culture of silence surrounding relationships, empower young people to speak out if they are experiencing dating violence and recognize what constitutes a healthy relationship. She would like to visit Greece and all of Europe and have the ability to time travel without any negative repercussions or loophole consequences.

Megan Challender is a Senior Staff Attorney with Break the Cycle, providing legal representation to victims of dating violence, sexual assault and stalking in Washington, DC, between the ages of 12 and 24. She also helps in obtaining civil protection orders, child custody, divorce and other related legal matters. Megan feels dating violence impacts a person’s entire life and by working with survivors, she can make a change in a young person’s life, allowing them the autonomy to make decisions so they can live a life free of abuse. She would like to visit Japan and wishes she had the ability to teleport.

Sarah Colomé is the Training Specialist at Break the Cycle, supporting and implementing all major projects and initiatives within the Training Program, with a focus on developing and facilitating trainings and building out the national and local training outreach plan. She also develops resources to build organizations’ capacity to prevent dating abuse. Sarah believes that creating a world of healthy relationships, free from violence, is a community responsibility. She views all oppression as intersectional, and her goal is to build strategic collaborations to achieve a more equitable and safe society. Sarah prefers to always be caffeinated, and would someday like to hike the Inca Trail. If Sarah could have any superpower, she would like the ability to fly or travel for free.

Chad Finley is the Graphic Designer for Break the Cycle, designing promotion and marketing graphics, web page mockups, logos and more. He firmly believes dating abuse is a subject that needs to be addressed publicly and brought to the forefront of people’s minds. He would love to visit England and wishes his superpower could be teleportation.

Kelley Hampton is the Director of Programs at Break the Cycle, overseeing implementation of the organization's programs and projects. She also works to increase the planning, organizing, and controlling program activities. She believes all people deserve healthy and fulfilling relationships, and that focusing on building those relationships at an early age will help young people grow to become healthier, more productive adults. She would love to travel to Turkey next and to have the ability to read minds.

Khalisa Jacobs is the Director of Development at Break the Cycle. She identifies new resources to support the work of the program team and the young adults we serve.  While new to the dating violence awareness arena she has worked with other youth driven organizations in DC. Khalisa is eager to become a contributing member of a community dedicated to healthy relationships. Khalisa would like to travel to India and hone her photography skills. She would like the power to heal.


Charlotte Keenan is a Staff Attorney with Break the Cycle, providing comprehensive legal services to adolescent and young adult survivors of dating abuse, sexual assault or stalking. She engages in community outreach to educate the public on our services, as well as conducts workshops for young people and trains adult service providers in issues related to dating violence. Charlottes believes everyone has the right to feel safe within their relationships, and that by cultivating healthy relationships, we move closer to a society that values and protects the autonomy and safety of everyone. She would love to travel to Argentina and find a way to boil water with her mind.

Laila Leigh is the Legal Services Manager for Break the Cycle, overseeing all aspects of the legal services program and providing direct, holistic legal services to young survivors of dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. She also collaborates with community partners to provide coordinated responses to abuse and develop effective prevention strategies. She feels everyone deserves love, and no one deserves love to be diminished by abuse. She would live to visit Madagascar, Iceland and the Galapagos Islands and wishes she had the power to shape shift.

Kristin Matthews is the Client Therapist at Break the Cycle. She provides supportive individual and group counseling for survivors of dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking between the ages of 12-24. Kristin consults with the Legal Services program on the mental health needs of clients, case developments, and makes recommendations for further services. She also supports the clients during the litigation process and provides court testimony as needed. Kristin believes that the essential work needed to end the cycle of violence requires a collaborative effort from all; she works hard to ensure she does her part. She would love to visit all of the Wonders of the World and possess the superpower to be able to change minds.

Quincy O’Neal is the Operations Manager at Break the Cycle, maintaining the organization’s databases, grant budgets and contracts. He feels strongly that it’s important to debunk the myth that domestic violence happens in singular incidences of paroxysms of anger and rage that only occur in long-term committed adult relationships -- it can happen to anyone at anytime, and he wants to make sure that everyone understands and knows this. He would love to visit New Zealand and Ghana and possess the power to absorb and use other people’s superpowers at his leisure.

Nadia Osman is the Content Coordinator at Break the Cycle, creating content for all aspects of Break the Cycle, including website content, blog posts, press releases and social media, as well as assist in developing strategy and marketing campaigns. She is also the point person for the Love Is Not Abuse Coalition. Nadia feels as though dating violence is part of a cultural paradigm we have the power to shift and hopes to inspire everyone young and old to take action to end unhealthy and abusive relationships. She would love to the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Japan and Fiji, and wishes she had the power to eat all the donuts and sandwiches she wanted without any consequences.

Amy Sánchez is the Chief Executive Officer of Break the Cycle. A passionate, creative thinker and problem-solver, Amy works closely with colleagues and partners to develop optimal solutions that produce results in the domestic violence field and for diverse organizations.  She has over 25 years of experience in helping families, women, men and children stay safe from abuse. Amy was the driving force behind Casa Esperanza: National Latin@ Network between 2008 to 2014, after serving in various leadership roles in the organization since 1998. Ms. Sánchez began her career as an advocate for women and children living with domestic violence as well as facilitating Spanish-speaking batterers treatment programming for men who use violence. Ms. Sánchez lives in rural Wisconsin with her two teenage children, Raúl and Elena, and enjoys travel, play, and new challenges.


Board of Directors

Jennifer Kuhn is the President of our Board of Directors. She is an innovative attorney with twenty years of experience developing collaborative solutions to help individuals and organizations meet their goals. Currently, Jennifer is the Senior Corporate Relations Manager for Allstate Financial where she provides strategic communication counsel to Allstate Financial senior leaders to drive the company's operating strategy, enhance employee engagement and lead holistic communication efforts across the company. Jennifer created The Allstate Foundation's Domestic Violence Program which focuses on building financial independence for domestic violence survivors and has reached over 100,000 survivors. In 1991, Jennifer obtained her Juris Doctorate from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Working as an Assistant States Attorney in Cook County, Illinois, Jennifer specialized in domestic violence prosecutions and assisted in the creation and development of the first-ever Domestic Violence Division. In 1999, she served as staff to the President Clinton's National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women in the creation of a comprehensive manual detailing the accomplishments of the violence against women movement and making recommendations for future action. Returning to Illinois, Jennifer served as Chief of the Crime Victim Services Division for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for four years before joining Allstate. Jennifer is a single mother of an energetic 14-year-old son, Connor.

Rachel Barchie is an experienced litigator who has handled cases in a variety of subject areas, including employment, entertainment, intellectual property, real estate and general business litigation. Rachel was previously a partner with Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP in Los Angeles.  In Spring 2010, she co-taught a "Deposition Strategies and Techniques" course at USC Gould School of Law. In September 2008, she was honored by the State Bar of California with the "Distinguished Pro Bono Service Award" for her work representing a transgender, HIV-positive asylum seeker from Mexico. Rachel's involvement with Break the Cycle began in the summer of 2003, when she was a law intern in BTC's Los Angeles office. Rachel subsequently helped start the Break the Cycle Young Professionals group, before joining the Board in August 2010. Rachel is a fluent Spanish speaker and relishes any opportunity to use the language. She received her B.A. from Scripps College and her J.D. from UCLA School of Law.

Kyle P. Schneberg is a civil litigator who represents individuals from all manner of social, cultural and financial backgrounds. He focuses his practice on the areas of Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and Personal Injury. Kyle received his Juris Doctor degree from the Pepperdine University School of Law and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Southern California. He joined the Board of Directors for Break the Cycle in 2013. His relevant experience includes serving indigent victims of domestic violence for several years through the Los Angeles County Bar Association Domestic Violence Project.

Vince Rotonda has worked with some of the most established companies, in a career that spans over twenty five years in the entertainment business including: Ryan Seacrest Productions, DreamWorks, Castle Rock, Spelling, Viacom, Comcast, Columbia TriStar, Relativity Television and Sony Pictures. In addition, he has produced several hundred episodes of television for multiple networks including ABC, NBC, Fox, MTV, VH1, E, Food Network, History Channel, TLC and the Style Network.

Vince has a long standing history of activism but his passion for the DV movement comes in part from his two teenaged daughters, Chloe and Eden. 

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