What Can I Do?

We need your help promoting safe and healthy relationships! Whether you have five minutes or five days, your support brings us one step closer to ensuring that every young person knows how to prevent and end dating violence.

Five Things You Can Do

One: Get the Facts 

Do you know the warning signs of dating violence and the legal rights available to young people in your state? Well -- find out!

Two: Start Talking About Healthy Relationships

Talk with your kids. Your family. Your friends. Your neighbors and your schools.
Because it's never too late to talk about dating abuse.

Three: Speak Out

Use our Valentine's Anytime Kit to raise awareness in your community. Ask your local media to cover your efforts!

Four: Share Your Status

Join us on Facebook and Twitter and help promote our message that "love has many definitions -- but abuse isn't one of them!" 

Five: Be an Advocate

Visit your local school and urge them to implement prevention programs and school policies vital to the positive growth of their students. Write to your elected officials to support VAWA!