What We Do

Break the Cycle advocates for policy and legislative change to better protect the rights and promote the health of young people nationwide. Our policy team works at the local, state and federal levels to prevent and end abusive relationships. 

Federal Priorities

  • Securing the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Engaging federal offices, Congressional committees and the White House in addressing dating abuse.
  • Securing federal and state support of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

State Priorities

  • Include healthy-relationship lessons in educational standards.
  • Provide minors equal access to restraining orders.

School Priorities

  • Train at least one person on staff to be a dating abuse advocate.
  • Standardize school response to incidents of abuse.
  • Encourage youth activism and education on the issue.

Why Does Policy Matter?

Young people experience the highest rates of dating violence, but don't have access to the targeted services adults do.

Every young person deserves to have safe and healthy relationships. If we do not act, young people experiencing or perpetrating abuse today will be in the adult justice system tomorrow. By making policy improvements, we can give youth the support they need to have healthy relationships and prevent dating violence.

Help Improve Policies

So, you've bought into our vision? Now, learn more about Break the Cycle's policy priorities, including how to get involved.