Ron LeGrand - Healthy Masculinity Advocate

Inspired by the intersection of Black History Month and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Break the Cycle partnered with Ujima, Inc, - the National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community - to introduce young people to the prominent Black and African American activists and change makers who have influenced the field of violence prevention.

Setting Boundaries in a Relationship

There a lot of misconceptions about what boundaries are and do for relationships. We may feel that boundaries are unnecessary because our partner is supposed to already know and act on our needs and wants, or that they ruin the relationship or interfere with the spice. In reality, all healthy relationships have boundaries! A relationship can’t be healthy until both partners communicate their boundaries clearly, and the other person respects them. Healthy boundaries in a relationship don’t come naturally, nor do they come easily.

Dear Friend: What Your Support During An Abusive Relationship Really Meant

Dear Old Friend, 
It’s been a long time and yet I realized something recently. I never really thanked you. Sure, we thanked each other for the little things, birthdays and Christmases. We had a lot of fun. We fought a lot. We did our best to figure out what direction to go, and, I’m confident, neither one of us could’ve foreseen where we’d wind up. I’m grateful for our time together. But I’m especially grateful for your friendship when something devastating happened to me.

A Survivor on Why It's Time to Talk

I was a junior in high school when I met him.  You know the guy that turns your head and makes you almost want to drool.  Yeah, that’s right.  Not only was he a senior, one year ahead of me, but he was also a football player, popular with all the girls AND he liked me!  Perhaps it was because I made varsity cheerleading my that year, wore those short little skirts on game day, or I was so darn innocent.  Whatever the reason, he was attracted to me and I to him - so when he asked me out the first time, it was the beginning of a relationship.

Meet Our Youth T-Shirt Designers!

This year for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, we wanted to do something special for our community of activists and our young people. In November, we hosted a design contest exclusively for our national youth movement, Let's Be Real (LBR), to create a t-shirt for teen DV month that answered the question, "What Is Love?" Two finalists were selected and we believe their designs truly encompass what healthy love should look and feel like. Now we are in the final stages of the contest: a selling and donation component to raise money for LBR's 2017 engagement activities!


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