Let's Be Real: Following the Lead of Young People

July 2017 marked the one year anniversary of Let’s Be Real, a movement by young people for young people about relationships. To share our learnings from a year of movement-making and celebrate the accomplishments of the youth who drive it, Break the Cycle staff members reflects on their experiences working with Let’s Be Real in a 4 part blog series. Amy Sanchez, Break the Cycle’s CEO, begins the series by speaking to the national implications of what can be accomplished when we follow the lead of young people.

5 Steps to Better LGBTQ* Allyship

June is an important month at Break the Cycle. June is PRIDE, a month where we celebrate collective movement, connection and power of LGBTQ*1 communities. PRIDE began in 1970—as a way to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, NYC. The police raid that led to the riots at the Stonewall Inn was a symptom of a society that was unwelcoming of LGBTQ* individuals and oppressive on LGBTQ* concerns and issues.

Mental Health, Sexual Violence, and Thirteen Reasons Why

This is Real Stories - a blog by Let's Be Real members about their experiences with relationships, dating, and daily life. LBR is a movement by young people for young people about relationships.

**TRIGGER WARNING** This blog post discusses details of sexual violence including harassment and rape. It also includes details on mental health, suicide, and suicide ideation.


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