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let's be real is a national movement by young people for young people about healthy relationships

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Every day, young people navigate relationships - crushes, breakups, sexuality, firsts, and hook ups - but they don’t always have the space to talk about them, learn about them, or share their experiences. Let’s Be Real creates that space. Grounded in our belief that everyone deserves a healthy relationship and everyone can take action in their own way, we amplify the voices of young people ages 12-24. We provide them with online and in-person opportunities to have real conversations, tap into their creativity, and use their individual gifts and talents towards building a culture without abuse. It’s not a club, it’s not a group, it’s a movement. By young people, for young people, about relationships


True story: In 2016, 22 young people from all across the country came together to decide on a name. Once we had the name locked down, Break the Cycle reached out to 14 young people who focused on the look and feel  - see our logo? Totally decided by them - these people are on our Be Team.  And that’s how it all went down, a true youth-led movement from the start!

map of LBR members


Events Team - Plan and host local and national events

  • The Teen DV Month team will shape Break the Cycle's planning for the nationally-recognized awareness month. 
  • Real Talk Leaders will host our signature, open, honest conversations about dating and relationships in their local communities. Check it out on Twitter: #BTCRealTalk. 
    • See the live tweets from our first Real Talk in Los Angeles here!

Outreach Team - Brand and Recruit

  • The branding team shapes the look and feel of LBR. You can see their impact already; the LBR name and logo was chosen by them! 
  • The recruitment team is on the streets and the web, getting people to join the movement. 

Social Media Team - Create and Manage Digital Content

  • Takeover our Snapchat account or be a guest on a FB Live event
    • Submit questions for our weekly show, Taco Bout It Tuesday, where we answer your burning relationship questions:
  • Strategy is key - take LBR to the next level and lead the way with exciting, creative social media campaigns

Creative Team - Write, draw, design, and more

  • Talk about relationships like they really are - good, bad, funny, and ugly - Bloggers for LBR contribute to our Real Stories series. Read it here: 1 2 3 
  • Want to design t-shirts or merchandise? Into graphic design? Your skills can be used for good as an artist for Let's Be Real. 

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  • Community Service Hours - great if you need these for school before graduation!
  • Skills in marketing, branding, recruitment, event planning, national strategy, and designing and executing social media campaigns
  • Portfolio items to showcase your hard work
  • Materials about healthy relationships to share with friends, schools, and communities
  • Free stuff!
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Positive impact and good vibes - Let's Be Real will lead the way in creating a culture of healthy relationships!


1. Want to join the Let's Be Real movement? Don't wait! Sign up here

2. Want to host a "Real Talk" listening session? Talk to Tonjie!

Have a few more questions to ask privately?  Email us at letsbereal[at]
Let's Be Real is sponsored by Verizon, who loves the idea of healthy relationships for everyone.