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ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’ Tackles Campus Rape
February 10, 2015: 
ABC Family's Switched at Birth consulted Break the Cycle, a nonprofit dedicated to provide dating-abuse help for young people ages 12-24. After the Feb. 3 episode, Switched at Birth stars Vanessa Marano (whose character was raped) and Max Adler (who plays the boy accused of rape) participated in a Twitter chat with Break the Cycle and viewers about the episode.
"Love Is Respect" Hackathon: Oakland, Calif.
November 17, 2014: 
This summer, Verizon HopeLine teamed up with Break The Cycle and Black Girls Code to host a series of hackathons, entitled “Love Is Respect,
huff post logo Domestic Violence Awareness: Teen Dating Violence
October 20, 2014: 
As part of a week-long series that gives us a look inside domestic abuse, HuffPost Live takes a Deep Dive into teen dating violence. We hear from two young victims of domestic abuse and learn how we can break the cycle of violence.
espn logo NFL Orders Domestic Abuse Training
September 19, 2014: All NFL team personnel and staff will be required to undergo training on the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault starting within 30 days, according to a letter commissioner Roger Goodell sent to team owners on Thursday. 
Love Is Respect
February 13, 2014: Love is not a feeling, it is an action. Love builds people up and energizes them. It gives them support and joy. This isn’t the way that many teens see it. They get faulty messages from music, videos, movies, and from watching the adults in their lives. One improper message they see is sex is love.

Dating Violence
March 21, 2013: Have we learned anything from Rihanna and Chris Brown? The brutal facial injuries in the popular paparazzi photo of abused pop singer Rihanna explicitly depict the horrors associated with the physical aspect of dating violence.

When Teen Dating Violence Hits Your Family
March 21, 2012: According to the CDC, 9.8% of high school students report physical abuse from a dating partner within the last year. As parents, we need to know how to recognize dating abuse, what to do and where to direct our teens. Don't forget to show your son or daughter

Huguely Texted Other Women Night Love was Killed
February 16, 2012:
 CBS This Morning examines the details of the Yeardley Love murder case while Break the Cycle's Executive Director Marjorie Gilberg provides context.

Yeardley Love Case Should Serve as a Wake-up Call
February 16, 2012:
 Dating abuse on college campuses is a serious issue as tragically made famous by the trial of George Huguely. Break the Cycle's Executive Director Marjorie Gilberg gives college students tips on how to be a good ally.

The Truth About Love
February 2012:
 Seventeen profiled three real relationships so its readers can see the warning signs of abuse and start discussing how a healthy relationship feels. For those in need, the article features loveisrespect as a the help resource.

The #1 Warning Sign in an Abusive Relationship
March 3, 2011:
Dr. Phil discusses the warning signs of abuse with Joy Behar. To prevent dating violence, he is partnering with Break the Cycle and Hazelden Publishing to distribute the comprehensive model, Respect WORKS!, to 1,000 schools.

Teens Obsessed With Love
February 14, 2011: 
In an episode centered on dating violence, Dr. Phil helps prevent abuse by featuring the "Let Your Heart Rule" Campaign, created in partnership between Break the Cycle and HopeLine from Verizon. He also announces his commitment to Respect WORKS!

Schools Trying to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Violence 
May 24, 2010: 
The recent murder of 22 year old Yeardley Love has brought to light the prevalence of domestic violence on college campuses. In response, Break the Cycle calls for clear school policies and procedures to help recognize and prevent dating abuse.

Turns Out, Yeardley Love Couldn't Have Gotten a Restraining Order if She Wanted To 
May 12, 2010: Virginia is in the spotlight with the tragic death of UVA student Yeardley Love. Virginia fails Break the Cycle’s State Law Report Cards because its laws do not allow people in dating relationships to obtain restraining orders – meaning Love couldn’t have gotten legal help.


What Good is a Month?
February 24, 2010: February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, but Break the Cycle’s Executive Director Marjorie Gilberg explains why ending dating abuse is an ongoing job.


MTV Launches 'A Thin Line' to Stop Digital Abuse
December 3, 2009: MTV launches a multi-year initiative to stop the spread of digital abuse. Break the Cycle joined MTV to bring national attention to dating violence.


The Hidden Danger of Breakups
December 2009: Emily’s story proves that escaping an abusive relationship isn’t easy – and the consequences can be fatal. Break the Cycle offers tips and resources to help girls like Emily find safety.


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