2018 Theme

Healthy Me, Healthy We! a journey of self-love, strength, and positivity. 

healthy me, healthy we. teen dv month 2018

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month has always been driven by young people, and this year was no different. The activists in Let's Be Real, Break the Cycle's youth movement, wanted a theme that spoke to the importance of realizing how amazing each person is as an individual. In abusive relationships, you are often told that you are not good enough, prevented from spending your time or energy on things that matter to you, and made to feel like you are unworthy of love. The members of Let's Be Real want the 2018 Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month theme to remind each and every one of you that you are good enough, you deserve to spend your time and energy as you wish, and you are ALWAYS worthy of a love that builds you up - especially love from yourself. When we take time to cultivate healthy love for ourselves, we can bring those positive attributes and healthy love to all of our relationships, including those with our family and friends.

Find Your Affirmation!

Positive affirmations help you focus in on the things you love about yourself, even if you can't quite believe them yet. Use our video quiz to jumpstart your self-love journey and find an affirmation that speaks to you. Then, take time each morning to look in the mirror and repeat the phrase to yourself. 


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Check It Off the List

Break the Cycle has put together 28 ways for you to be involved this February along with 28 resources to help you start checking items off the list. Download the Healthy Me, Healthy We Teen DV Month Checklist to start raising awareness about dating abuse in your community!